Why and when is electrification better than buying a new e-bike?

In this article, we will solely talk about advantages of electrification over buying pre-built e-bike. We think that buying an electric bike is great and have lots of benefits. But in what cases should you consider electrifying your bicycle with e-bike kit? Long story short: you can save money and make a unique customizable electric bike.

Advantages of electrifying your bicycle

Cost of an e-bike converted with electrification kit is usually lower

Though you can find cheap pre-built e-bike, it doesn’t mean that it will be a good one. In practice, e-bike consists of bicycle and electrification components. And cheap e-bike will mean that either bicycle or electrification components are of low-quality or both. If you take only electrification components, there are many ways you can save on them: low-cost batteries, BMS (battery management system), low-quality motors, controllers, etc. This will result in short lifespan and product unsafety. Same applies to e-bike kits as well, that’s why it is important to get them from trusted suppliers.

Inventory costs are much higher for e-bikes than for regular bikes. Bicycle industry benefits from economies of scale more than e-bike industry. Hence if you plan to get decent e-bike, converting a good bicycle with great e-bike kit will be a most economical option.

You can electrify your current bicycle

Obviously, if you already have a bike, there is no much need to buy a pre-built e-bike. Especially, if you are used to it. Most e-bike kits allow you to use converted e-bike as an ordinary bicycle. Hence you still will be able to enjoy the rides even without an electric assist. And whenever you need an extra boost, just turn on the motor, and you are ready to go.

You can choose any bicycle you want

When it comes to an electric bike, your options are a bit more limited as there aren't nearly as many electric bike manufacturers as there are standard bike manufacturers. You can get road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids, BMXs, folding bikes, downhill bikes, recumbents, and any other assortment, in various frame sizes, designs, numbers of speeds, and colors. Countless new models come out every year, and what has already been produced is still out there. No matter what you want, a bike that meets your needs perfectly exists. When it comes to electric bikes, they aren't manufactured by as many companies or in as many models, nor have they been around for decades.

You can choose any electrification option you want

You have opted for the perfect bicycle. Now you can pick up any type of e-bike kits and manufacturers. We already had an article on motor differences, go and read more on that! There are hub motors, mid-drives, all-in-one wheel motors and friction drive motors. Each type poses unique benefits and will allow you to construct a unique perfect matching e-bike.

You can always reinstall the kit on next bicycle

Meanwhile, most of the pre-built e-bikes are not designed to allow you to switch electrification parts to another bicycle; you are free to do whatever you want with your electrification kit. If you managed to install it, you'd be able to switch it to another bike, trike, etc quickly.