Benefits of e-bikes

The main goal of e-bikes is to positively affect your life. Enjoy fresh air and benefit from physical activity while you accomplish all the running around of your daily life.

You might consider some of these benefits useful specifically to you:

  1. You will enjoy riding

Now you can easily conquer steep uphills, and no longer feel the resistance of the headwind. All thanks to the assisting power of the engine.

  1. Mobility

Generally, in a big city, you'll get to your place of destination faster by e-bike than by bus. Additionally, you no longer need to adjust to a schedule of public transport. 250W motor accelerates the bike to 25 km/h, and the maximum speed depends on the cyclist himself.

  1. Travel further

One charge of the battery is enough for up to 50 km. Enjoy longer trips to picturesque places.

  1. Save money on gas and parking

You will spend 80 times less money on fuel if you use an electric bike instead of a car. 1kWh of electricity costs EUR 0,17 and this will be enough for three full charges of the battery. That is equal to 120 km. The same distance by car (8 l/100 km) will cost EUR 14. The difference: for 14 euros you can charge your electric bike 250 times and drive 10,000 km.

  1. Eco-friendly
  • Electric bikes are zero emission vehicles when being operated
  • Electric bikes use 96,5% less raw materials to build than cars
  1. Improves your health and well-being
  • Spend more time in the fresh air
  • Moderate physical activity has a significant effect on cardiovascular system and joints

Health research counts the use of pedelecs (i.e. those electric bikes that assist while pedaling) as ‘moderate’ exercise. It is recommended that adults should aim to achieve at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity on five or more days of the week.

  1. Riding an electric bike will help you lose weight and stay in shape

Since e-bike ride is much more comfortable and pleasant, you can spend more time for a trip than when jogging or riding an ordinary bike. By spending more time exercising and driving greater distances, you burn more calories.

Cardio exercises (including riding an electric bicycle) are an excellent way to lose weight and maintain a good shape. In a case of moderate physical activities, fats are used as a primary source of energy. On the contrary, intense exercises (anaerobic) use carbohydrates in energy production, which does not contribute to reasonable weight loss. Therefore, more time-consuming moderate exercises are the key to proper weight loss.

A 2008 Dutch study involving 1448 respondents concluded that respondents owning electric bicycles cycled further, faster and more frequently than other respondents.

  1. Find time for exercising

If your work, housekeeping and leisure activities take away most of your day and you simply do not have enough time to maintain your health and fitness, you can easily integrate e-bike trips into your daily life. Ride an e-bike to work, if it is possible. 5 km of the journey will take only 15 minutes. Additionally, you will arrive fresh and energized without breaking a sweat.

  1. Riding couples refer to electric bikes as the great equalizer, no longer is the stronger rider waiting for the other
  2. Electric bikes use space more efficiently: 10 bikes fit in one car parking space
  3. No need for driver’s license, road and gas taxes, insurance, parking charges or license plate

Only for pedelec e-bikes, more powerful models require insurance, read more here.

  1. No previous fitness required
  2. High resale value
  3. Quiet
  4. Great fun!