How to maintain an e-bike

Electric bicycles are very easy to maintain. Just like any regular cycle, your e-bike is going to need some routine maintenance. E-bike maintenace

General advises on e-bike maintenance

  • keep it clean

Don’t use a jet wash (or use it carefully) since it can have adverse effect on lubrication of bearings and can cause corrosion of internal parts (hub motor, bottom brackets, headset, etc.)

  • keep tires properly inflated

It will save your battery, protect your wheels from deformation and generally will make your rides easier

  • keep chain clean and properly lubricated

Lubricate the chain, levers, derailleur, cables, etc. A clean, lubricated e-bike tends to be faster, smoother and quieter.

  • store e-bike in dry and cool places Avoid both hot and cold temperatures. Don't leave the bike out in the rain or snow.

  • if e-bike doesn’t turn on, make sure all electrical connectors are secure, and the battery is correctly in place

  • we recommend you not to fix major problems with your electric bike yourself as you can damage the internals and also invalidate the warranty

If you do decide to disassemble a part of the electrification kit, we recommend taking photos of what the components look like before doing any work, so that you have something to reference when putting it back together.

Battery maintenance

  • Try to keep a battery fully charged. Even if you are not using your electric bicycle, it’s recommended to charge a battery at least once a month to save its life span.
  • Do not store a battery in extreme environment. You still can drive your e-bike at below zero temperatures, but don’t leave the battery outside for a long time once you’ve arrived at your place of destination.
  • Use original charger. Using a different charger can be very dangerous; possibly resulting in fire and explosion.

An e-bike really shouldn’t require any more maintenance than a regular bicycle, just as long as you treat it correctly.

All electrification kits bought at GoBikes come with a one year warranty on the motor, battery, and accessories, so if there were a major problem, we would contact the manufacturer directly on your behalf. If you have a warranty case, email us: