Components of e-bike kit

So, you are interested in getting e-bike kit and would like to know what is inside. Here is a separate article on the installation process that will help you to get an idea on how to convert your bike by yourself. In this one, we will explain what main components of most electrification sets are.

We will primarily talk about hub motor kit, though mid-drive kit differs only by a type of motor used. Meanwhile, all-in-one wheels and friction drive kits have entirely different sets (such components as a battery, motor, and controller are built as one unit). Additionally, you can read an article on types of engines and how to choose the suitable one.

Here we will use our City kit as an example.

So, the primary content of City package:

  • Motor wheel
  • Controller
  • LCD
  • Brake levers
  • Throttle
  • Pedelec sensor
  • Battery with smart charger

Motor Wheel

E-bike motor wheel To convert your regular bicycle into an e-bike, you replace original front or rear wheel with a motor wheel. To choose between a front wheel and rear wheel drive you can read this post.


  • Motor type: Brushless geared
  • Nominal Voltage: 36V
  • Nominal power: 250W (350W continuous, 700W peak)
  • Has a waterproof connector for easy installation and maintenance
  • Weight: 2.7kg
  • Torque: 32Nm

The wheel is supplied with high-quality double wall rim and reinforced spokes for extra safety. Available rim sizes are 16-28 inches. It is possible to use hub motors with disc brakes as well as rim brakes. Additionally, you can select special wheel for roller brakes. The motor fits regular 100mm front and 135mm rear forks. Rear wheels are available with freewheel adapter so that you can use gear shifts.

Your bicycle will still be a "normal" bike after you install this motor. This means that when turned off, the motor won’t create any significant resistance, hence you can drive easily.


Sine-wave controller The controller used in City kit is a sive-wave controller. It is a brain of the whole system.

Features of the sine-wave controller:

  • Less motor noise
  • Longer engine life
  • Softer start-ups and acceleration
  • More natural (bicycle-like) operation
  • Increased efficiency (about +5%)

Controller specifications:

  • Nominal Voltage: 36V
  • Max. output: 15/17 Amps
  • Low voltage cut-off: 31V
  • Available connections: Motor, battery, PAS, throttle, lights, brake, LCD display

Depending on a set, the controller comes with either box or bag where you can safely place it.

LCD Display

LCD Display LCD shows all important information like speed, traveling distance, battery charge, etc. Also, it allows controlling levels of motor assist.

Standard Features:

  • Battery indicator
  • Instant Speed
  • Odometer
  • 6 km/h walking mode
  • Bicycle light

Extra features:

  • Instant current (in Amps)
  • Battery voltage (in Volts)
  • Cruise control
  • Ambient temperature thermometer

Brake levers

E-bike brake levers Normally you would like to replace your original brake levers with the one from e-bike kit. These hand brakes cut off a power supply to the motor and activate the mechanical brake simultaneously. In case you want to keep your original ones (especially if you have hydraulic brakes), you can purchase separately special braking sensors.


E-bike throttle You can choose either thumb or twist throttle. Though throttle is optional, and you can exclude it from the kit. Throttle allows using the motor without pedaling. Make sure you’ve read this article about e-bike legislation in Finland to understand in what cases you are allowed to use the throttle.

Pedelec sensor

Pedelec sensor PAS sensor detects pedaling cadence and sends this information to the controller. It allows you to get motor assistance when pedaling. There are Square Crankset axle and Hollowtech Crankset axle sensors available.

Battery with smart charger

By the way, here is a separate article on how to choose a battery for your e-bike.

Usually, the battery choice depends on your bicycle and motor wheel. For this reason, we do not specify batteries in our e-bike kit models. For example, if you buy City package with a front motor wheel, we would recommend you to get a rack battery for a proper weight balance. If you take a rear motor wheel, it's better to go with frame battery. Here we will post what types of batteries we can propose you.

All batteries come with a 2Ah smart charger. It allows you to charge your battery in 1 to 5 hours (depends on how discharged the battery is). Smart charger shuts down automatically when a battery is fully charged.

Vintage Li-ION 8.8Ah battery

vintage Li-ION ebike battery vintage Li-ION ebike battery on a bike

Frame Li-ION 11Ah batteries

Have USB output so that you can charge your smartphone and other gadgets. 11Ah and 14,5Ah versions available.

Frame  Li-ION battery with USB Frame  Li-ION battery with USB

Rack Li-ION 11Ah or 14,5Ah battery

Rack Li-ION 11Ah or 14,5Ah battery Rack Li-ION 11Ah or 14,5Ah battery